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We have a technical center in the plant, equipped with advanced experiment instruments, our R&D personnel are also keeping very close cooperation relations with a number of research institutions and universities in the country. Based on our solid cooperation with many Chinese special chemical factories, We own fantastic technical ability to develop new products for our clients.

We are adept at the reaction of:

1. Halogenation substitution, halogenation addition , halogenation replacing

2. Cyanidtion addition, cyanidtion replacing

3. Diazotization

4. Condensation of ketone, nitrile and ester

5. Liquid-phase oxidation, gas-phase oxidation

6. Alcoholic aldehyde consendation, Claisen condensation

7. Chemical reduction, low-pressure hydrogenation reduction

8. Heterocyclic cyclic reaction

9. Hoffman rearrangement , hydroperoxide rearrangement

10. Esterification, Sulfonating, Hydrocarbonylaiton, Chloridization, Hydrolyzation, Ammonolysis etc..

Small-scale trial manufacturing and Large-scale manufacturing (from 1kgs to 1,000kgs) facility kg quantities can be produced.

In our production facility kg quantities can be produced. All custom synthesis requests will be handled a.s.a.p. Of course the response time depends on the availability of a synthesis procedure (your own or ex literature). If a synthesis procedure is not available, a charge for laboratory tests can be agreed. Eventually a secrecy agreement can be signed.