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Pentaerythritol Tetrastearate

  • Product Name: Pentaerythritol Tetrastearate
  • CasNo: 130249-48-8
  • Purity:
  • Appearance:

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CasNo: 130249-48-8

Molecular Formula: (C2H4 O)n (C2 H4 O)n (C2 H4 O)n (C2 H4 O)n C77 H148 O8

Chinese Factory Supply Pentaerythritol Tetrastearate 130249-48-8

  • Molecular Formula:(C2H4 O)n (C2 H4 O)n (C2 H4 O)n (C2 H4 O)n C77 H148 O8
  • Molecular Weight:0

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– In the cosmetics industry, Pentaerythritol tetrastearate is used in make-up and body products.

– In the plastics and rubber industry, it is used as an external lubricant for the manufacture and processing of thermoplastics.

It also imparts good non-stick properties, a surface gloss and good non-stick properties.

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